First time student setting

First time student setting

Step 1: Login as administrator using the username admin and a default password admin123

Step 2: Complete the setup in the given order.  

  1. General settings: Update the basic details for your institution including the logo.

  2. Academic Year: Create an academic year having a one-year duration. Example 2018-2019(Starting on 1st April 2019 and ending on 31st March 2019). Classes can be linked with these academic years.

  3. Custom Words: Define names for your Courses and Batches (Example: Year and Class).

  1. Manage Year/ Class): Create Year and Class as per your institution structure. It is better to create all the classes for this academic year at once so that fee setup can be completed together.

  2. Manage student category: Create/Edit student categories. Example: Staff Child/Sibling Students/SEN /Busray student /Free dinner /student premium etc . Fee structure and other reports can be created based on these categories.

  3. Manage Subjects: Displaying the subjects here. Subject center can be used for updating and linking new subjects. These subjects will be used for exams and timetables.

  4. Add admission additional details: To add additional fields in the student profile. For example, the passport number for students will be a custom field that is not available on the student admission page. An institution can create this as a custom field if needed.

  5. Manage student unique number/roll numbers: To update or assign roll numbers / unique numbers for students (Note: Roll number and admission number are different terms. Admission number will be a unique number for students. Roll number can change from class to class or section to section )

  6. Student Document Categories: Create all document categories for adding to the student profiles. Example: School Certificate, Birth Certificate

  7. Feature Access Settings: Manage feature access for parent/guardian.

Step 3: The portal is now ready for student admission. You can admit the students using any of these methods  ( Student portal workflow )

  1. Direct admission    Once the student is admitted, you can log into your school portal as a student  using the credentials :

    Username: their student admission number     Password: their student admission number123 

  2. Online Registration/Enquiry           
  3. Bluk Import


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